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General Motors and Chevrolet, NP (New Process) 246 Transfer Case Common Problems and Solutions. The rear case half of this unit is made out of magnesium and ... Jasper Engines and Transmissions has the right transfer case for you, at the right time, at a very competitive price. We offer a wide selection of transfer cases for both 4-wheel drive and all-wheel drive applications.
Jul 28, 2015 · I hear a popping noise from underneath the engine on the driver's side when I hit the gas from a complete stop, and I have very sluggish acceleration. I've checked the fuel pump and that was fine. Changed the spark plugs and put in Heet, no help. Air filter is clean. I know nothing about... Transfer case for the 4x4. This was the most expensive item to repair. Gm needs to get a grip on all problems wrong with this Tahoe. Grinding noise when engaging the 4x4 you thought the bottom of the SUV was to drop out. Also the knocking in the axle when you start from a stop. Jun 17, 2016 · 2005-07 246 is what you're after for something like this; preferably post-06 as the clutch assembly is press on the shaft to reduce noise and chatter, prior models (03-05) use a software calibration where the clutch is partially applied it 2wd to get rid of the noise.
NP246 Transfer Case Rebuild Kit. This NP246 transfer case rebuild kit has everything you need to restore your early- to mid-2000s Chevy 1500, Tahoe or Suburban 4x4 transfer case.Remanufactured NP246-R4 Transfer Case Trading out the NP246 transfer case on your GM 4x4 can be quick and easy when utilizing one of the remanufactured NP246 GM transfer cases found here. This rebuilt NP246 transfer case fits 2003 and later Chevrolet 1500, Tahoe and Suburban models. I know, I did search it like crazy, and only found 2 post where they had this issue. I noticed a noise under the truck, climb under and could push up and down on the drive shaft at the transfer case and had movement. As I would push up, I could hear a "tap" "tap" inside the center of the case...
Now I have a problem with my T-case np246 and front diff. It seems to function fine in 4auto mode, however in 4HI it makes a lot of noise/vibration. It almost sounds like something is not engaging completly- either in the front diff or T-case? So I put it up on jack stands to have a look underneath and go for a drive in the garage. Just curious as I’m going to get gears done in a few. Do you get any new noises going to 4.88 or 5.13s. Some people say yes there will be some whining/buzzing. Others are saying it should be quiet like stock. So in a few weeks once I get it done. Expect a new noise or should be quiet. Jul 22, 2011 · I have a 2001 gmc 4x4 with the np246 transfer case. The front drive shaft turns even when in 2wd. Is this normal? I feel a vibration when on the highway from under my feet. The vibration is coming from either the front diff or the transfer case. I removed the drive shaft and the vibration stopped.
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